Opt-ins refer to the explicit permissions given by customers, allowing a business to send them communications through specific channels, such as email, SMS, or messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

In the context of a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA), opt-ins are crucial for ensuring that businesses have legal and ethical consent to contact their customers.



Opt-in Onboarding Mechanism

To send template messages or enable users to start a conversation with your business for session messaging you can use the below mechanisms. Your onboarded active or opted-in users are recorded in Gupshup and can be viewed anytime in the Users list.

Encrypted short Link & QR code

This mechanism provides an encrypted short link and QR code provided by WhatsApp with a set pre-filled message Hello and welcome. Select Generate from the Onboarding mechanism to get the short link and QR code.

Gupshup Managed Mechanism

Gupshup automates onboarding, helping businesses and users follow WhatsApp policies. It ensures users opt-in when starting a message in their preferred language, saving businesses the cost of separate opt-in campaigns.

Automated Opt-in Message

This is the traditional way where a user can send a WhatsApp message directly to your number, making it your active user. In addition, Gupshup can push an automated opt-in message the first time, through which the user can choose to opt in.

Turn ON the toggle to activate the Automated opt-in message.

Recommended- Automated Opt-in Message

Recommended- Automated Opt-in Message


Gupshup recommends you to use Automated Opt-in Message mechanism for a hassle free process.

Smart Mechanisms

Gupshup provides below 3 smart mechanisms to onboard your active users along with getting valid opt-in from them at the same time.

Smart MechanismDescription
Scan QR CodeA user must scan the QR code present under the Onboarding mechanism to initiate a WhatsApp chat. It enables them to become opted-in as well as active users.
Click on the web widgetOnce you have embedded the web widget code in your website, a user must click on this widget to initiate a WhatsApp chat. It enables them to become opted-in as well as active users.
Web Widget script code is available under the Onboarding mechanism.
Click URLA user must click on the URL to initiate a WhatsApp chat. It enables them to become opted-in as well as active users.
The URL is available under the Onboarding mechanism.
Smart Mechanisms

Smart Mechanisms

SMS Method

Gupshup offers the following SMS numbers for user opt-in. Users must send an SMS with the text OPTIN APP NAME to any of these numbers to complete the opt-in process.

India: +91-7669800490 UK: +44-7418361616 US: +1-4788880004 Mexico: +52-8117358222