Session & Template Messaging

What is Session messaging?

You can use session messaging to reply to user queries or messages.

If a user sends a message to your registered WhatsApp business API number, it is called an incoming session message. WhatsApp allows you to reply to the user(active user) within 24 hours of the user's last message, referred to as an outgoing session message.

Session messages are text, media, or interactive messages that do not require WhatsApp's approval. Regardless, the quality of messages impacts your WhatsApp Business API.

What is Template messaging?

Template messages are HSM (Highly Structured Messages) as WhatsApp calls them. It is used for sending out transactional notifications to users.

A customer must be opted-in to receive a template message. You can opt-in a user with the help of any of the five opt-in mechanisms provided by Gupshup.

See our API document on how you can send different types of templates to users.

Who can I send Template and Session messages to?

Template messages or session messages are delivered to the user based on the following conditions:

  • Whether the user/destination number is Opted-in, not Opted-in, Active or Inactive.
  • Whether template messaging is enabled/disabled for your app.
  • If your account's wallet has the required balance to send the message.

Note: When you send a template message to an Active user(within the 24 hour session), the template message is sent as a session message i.e. Session message pricing is applicable for the message.

Which templates can I send to the user?

For sandbox apps - You can send sandbox enabled templates for the purpose of testing our send message API. Once your app is Live, the sandbox templates are disabled.

For Live apps - You can send templates that you have submitted and are approved by WhatsApp. Refer API for retrieving all templates for your app.

Which languages are supported for message templates?

The following languages are supported for message templates. You can choose any language for your template when you submit it for WhatsApp's approval.

Are special characters and emojis are allowed in template messages?

WhatsApp supports all kinds of special characters and emojis for templates.

Can I enable/disable Template messaging for my app?

Yes you can enable/disable template messaging for your app from Home>Dashboard>settings.