Two Way Whatsapp Messaging

This functionality helps users to send Two Way Whatsapp messages(allows users to send and receive message from a whatsapp number through a whatsapp messaging platform)

Considering the example of Lead module.

  • Go to the Lead module
  • Open a lead record
  • Click on the WhatsApp Message Button
Lead ModuleLead Module

Lead Module

  • WhatsApp Messaging Screen Will Pop – Up
  • Select Phone/Mobile Number (On which the Message is to be sent)
  • Template Selection button appears at the bottom >> Click on the WA Templates Button.
  • On click of WA Templates button, it will show the list of approved templates.

Currently we support following message templates types:

  1. Text Messages,
  2. Images Messages ,
  3. Hyperlink Messages,
  4. Document Messages,,
  5. Video messages
  6. Header and Footer messages
  7. Action messages - Quick reply, call

User can only upload Images, Video and Document file from public url in case of self serve whereas Enterprise account can take media from system

  • Initiate chat by sending template in self serve
  • Click on the Send Template Button
  • “Message sent” pops up and Message reflects in the “Chat history” window.
  • Message will be received on the selected number
  • Users can also reply to the message
  • Users can also send media message by selecting any media file from their mobile/Web whatsapp app
  • Message will be received in self client app

To see the incoming message, extension needs to reopen

Configuring Inbound message callback URL

Inbound messages sent by customers to your WhatsApp Business Phone Number will be sent to your
webhook endpoint via HTTP/HTTPS. Please reach out to your account manager to set the Callback URL for your account in order to receive inbound message webhook events.

Callback URL to handle JSON Payload

Callback URL to handle POST type Payload

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