Bot Studio has the capability of allowing users to design customised customer journeys and automate the conversation by using nodes.

There are the following types of Nodes on Bot Studio:

  1. Message Node
  2. Prompts Node
  3. Action Nodes

Journey Builder - Nodes

Node Features across all Journeys

Node Names: Each node in all journeys can be given unique Node Names.

Node Name Limitations:

  1. Each Node name should be alphanumerical.
  2. Specials characters allowed - Space, Underscore, Hyphen
  3. They should be unique within a journey
  4. 50 Characters are allowed

Inline Analytics - Beta: Check out the inline analytics for each node and connector available in a journey. Once a journey is deployed, inline analytics toggle can be switched on or refreshed to view the following-

  1. Node analytics -
    1. Traversed - View the number of times the node has been traversed in run-time
    2. Exits - View the number of times customers dropped off when they reached the node
  2. Connector analytics -
    1. Traversals - View the number of times a connector was traversed at runtime