GupShup provides voice tools which allow brands and businesses to connect with their customers, increase revenues in a cost-effective way.

Effective Messaging: Reach your customers across regions in their native language.
Greater Reach: Contact customers on their mobiles and even on landlines.
Reduced Costs: Automate business processes and reduce costs significantly.
Increased Responses: Greater revenues due to increased interest levels.

How it works?
Missed Call Alerts: SME/Business has to select a dedicated number from our "Missed Call Alerts” number pool. Publish this number with campaigns (print, TV, Radio, SMS).
Outbound Dialling (OBD): Create a voice clip with your message and send it to us. We will process and run the voice campaign for the targets specified by you.
For Inquiries
Please sign-up for a free demo today by calling 02242006799 or writing to [email protected] .

We can add information here since we now have knowlarity, we can add information about various voice features we can and have provided to clients.

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